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Easy Rainbow Craft – Ideal for your Window Display

Rainbow Craft for Window

Rainbows are in every window at the moment – I even used watercolours to paint mine directly on to the window! Would you like to know how I made this easy rainbow craft – ideal for a window display!

Not all rainbows are created equally. Sure, your kid’s colouring in is cute, but would you like to step up your rainbow game!? I was messing around with some card and yarn, and I ended up making this luxe-feeling, quick AND easy rainbow decoration. 

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I’m keeping it short and sweet today, you’ll be pleased to know. I understand that you’ll want to get right on with making these gorgeous rainbow craft decorations – for your window, your walls or wherever takes your fancy.

DIY Rainbow Craft


15-25 minutes per rainbow, depending on size

Materials Needed

Rainbow Craft How To

Step by Step Guide

  1. Draw out the size and shape of your rainbow – I drew out each stripe so that I had a guide to cut along. Go big if you want to add all 7 colours of the rainbow
  2. Cut out along the outside edge, and then cut along the line of each stripe – to make assembly easier, later on, I recommend going back and cutting off a tiny amount from the top edge of each of your rainbow stripes. This makes room for the yarn to be wrapped around your card. [Cut out a second rainbow of the same size – but only cut out the top and bottom, so you have an identical rainbow shape]
  3. Start wrapping your yarn! I chose my colours beforehand and had them laid out in colour order – I like starting with a purple and moving on to blue, but you can choose any colours you like. Try to be as neat as possible when wrapping your yarn – try not to overlap, as this will make it more difficult to put your stripes back together. When you get to the end of the rainbow, you can secure your yarn by threading the end under the yarn or glueing it down. See below for my top tip to getting your yarn secured when you start to wrap. 
  4. Once all of your stripes are yarn-wrapped, lay them out to check how they fit together. You may have to flip some over, so they are all facing the same way.
  5. Take your second card rainbow and lay out your pieces on top to make sure you can’t see the card around the edges – don’t worry if you can, just trim around the outside edge. Now it’s time for the glue gun! Start at the smallest rainbow stripe and glue to the second piece of card. Continue going up with each stripe, making sure to press in place so the stripes fit snugly together. 
  6. Using my super easy mini pom pom tutorial here, get your pom pom on! Hot glue the pom poms on to the bottom of your rainbow stripes to create fluffy clouds
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Optional step – using your hot glue gun, attach a loop of yarn to the back of your rainbow so you can easily hang it on your wall

Pro-tip for securing your yarn when you start – hold a small length (2cm ish) of yarn against the rainbow and start wrapping from the bottom. Continue wrapping, making sure you cross over the yarn you’re holding against the card. As you wrap around it, this secures the yarn to the card without any knots or glue. 

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This easy rainbow craft is so quick and straightforward – it’s a great way to keep little’uns entertained, to add a rainbow to your window, or as a gift for a loved one.

Try a tonal colour palette to create a stylish twist, or go pastel for a cute addition to your gallery wall – the possibilities are endless! Go big, go tiny, make keyrings, this rainbow tutorial is so versatile.

I’d love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram @tonirainbows or on Twitter @tonirainbows1!

Follow me on social for behind the scenes shots (who doesn’t want to see how gross my glue gun is!?) Keep your eyes peeled – I’ll be posting a rainbow-themed giveaway very soon!

Let me know how many rainbows you’ve spotted in your neighbourhood in the comments below 🙂 or if you have any other rainbow requests at all!

Lots of love,

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